Assistant Professor

Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10900, THAILAND

Phone: 0 2797 0999

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  • D.Ing. (Fluid Mechanics), Institute Superieur de l’aeronautique et de l’espace (France), 2007.
  • D.A.E. (Fluid Mechanic), Ecole Nationale Superieur de l’aeronautique et de l’espace (France), 2003.
  • Ms.Ing. (Technique de l’Aeronautique et du Spatial), Ecole Nationale Superieur de l’aeronautique et de l’espace (France), 2003.
  • B.Eng. (Aerospace Engineer), Kasetsart University (Thailand), 1998.


     After earning a B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering from Kasetsart University in 1998 and gained some experiences in engineering consultant company in Thailand, he joined the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Kasetsart University as a lecturer and was awarded a scholarship from the French Government for his graduate study. In 2002, he continued his higher education in aeronautics field including master and doctoral degree in Toulouse, France. His research on the design of Micro Air Vehicle obtained the Best Design Award in the International Flight Competition (IMAV2007). After finish his study in 2007, he worked as research engineer in Toulouse, France for another 3 years. He contributed in the design and development of 1st VTOL MAV, MAVion MAV, Satoorn UAV, Roll&Fly MAV (Patented in 2012) and Nano Air Vehicle. He returned to the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand in 2010.

Currently, he focused on the development of new Unmanned Air Vehicle such; VTOL UAV, Hybrid UAV, Solar-Cell UAV, and High Altitude Platform UAV.

Research Interests:

  • Applied Aerodynamics, Experimental Aerodynamics
  • Flexible Wing Aerodynamics
  • Propeller Noise and Aero acoustic
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles and Systems
  • Unconventional Aircraft Design
  • Wing in Ground Effect Crafts
  • Innovative Design and System

Current Research Projects:

  • High Angle of Attack Aerodynamic and Low Reynolds number Aerodynamic for Vertical Landing Application; Funding: TRF.
  • Aerodynamic of Wing in Ground Effect Vehicle; Funding: Royal Thai Navy
  • High Endurance UAV for Monitoring and Smart Farming Applications
  • VTOL UAV, Inspection UAV
  • Analysis of Vibration on Sandwich Panel for Small Satellite Structure; Funding: GISTDA

Selected Publications:



(International Conferences)


Awards and Patents:


Consulting for Students:

  • 2016 – 2nd Place in Flight Competition, SAFMC2016, Singapore
  • 2017 – Best Design Award and Best Report, Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition, Tainan, Taiwan 


Professional Consults:

  • 2015 – Aerodynamic analysis and Design of Long Endurance UAV, GISTDA

Other Activities:

  • 2012&13 - Invited Researcher, Department of Aerodynamic and Propulsion, ISAE, Toulouse, France
  • 2017 – Invited Lecturer, Department of Aerospace Engineer, METU, Ankara, Turkey


Teaching Activities:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Stability and Control
  • UAV and MAV
  • Experiment and Design



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