Originated in 1993 as the first university unit who studies in Aerospace Engineering, the Department was formed in 1989 by a group of teachers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who anticipated that the aerospace technology would be the important field for improve the nation industry in the near future. Thus, they proposed the plan to establish the Aerospace Engineering to the education commission in that time while they launch many projects to improve the agriculture sector, which is the main part of Thai economy, using theAerospace technology. At the same time, the teachers developed the course until they were ready to start the Aerospace Engineering program in Bachelor’s Degree (B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering) in 1993. The department always aims to create the personnel in the aerospace and aviation industry and develop the researches in this area to improve the nation industry in order to strengthen Thai industrial growth.

Since then, the department has been supported from both government units such as Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Thai Air Force Academy, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, Civil Aviation Training Center, Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation, Royal Thai Navy and Royal Thai Army and other individual companies.

Now, there are 3 programs for undergraduate students: (1) Bachelor of Engineering Program in Aerospace Engineering, (2) International Double Degree Program cooperated with The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Australia, and (3) Bachelor of Science Program in Aviation Technology Management and a program for graduate student which is Master of Engineering Program in Aerospace Engineering.

Because of the combination of various subjects in aviation and aerospace area based on mechanical engineering, the graduated students work in several fields such as airlines, automotive, aerospace manufacturing, research and development or academic staff.


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