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Master of Engineering Program in Aerospace Engineering


Program overview

 To support the continuous enhancement of Aerospace and Aviation industry in Thailand, Master’s degree in Aerospace a Kasetsart University was founded in 2005. It has taught base on problem-solving method in order to encourage students to analyse the industrial problems in the daily life, to determine the proper solution process and to select the suitable tools for the problems not only in the engineering field but also in the others disciplines. Moreover, this program attempted to generates high-performance learners to report and present the experimental result. Nowadays, there are three majors in the program including Aerodynamic, Aircraft Structure and Aircraft Design for UAV cooperated with high skill and knowledge staff in many areas such as Autonomous Control System, Propulsive System, Aircraft Management and Maintenance and other field related to Aerospace industry.


Program Structure

 There are 2 type of study method including research course and taught course that students can choose once. The research course focuses on the dissertation that student can choose their topic and advisors. It also has some lecture class to guide the research process. The taught course has various subjects that are advance lesson to broaden learner views and strengthen the knowledge in deep. Research is necessary for this type of course to practice learners the research skills. Both types are two years program. Due to the importance of field experience, Seminar course usually has a field trip to factories or company that running business related to aerospace and aviation.

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 The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science or related area.

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Future Career 

 The graduate students usually work as engineer in aerospace industries and other companies that require specific knowledge and also work in academics.





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