Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Aerospace Engineering 


Program overview

In 1993, made the university recognized that Aerospace Engineering should be one of the important disciplines because of a rapid growth in aerospace industries in Thailand at that time. This led to open the Aerospace Engineering taught in Thai language as the first civil program which taught specifically in aeronautic and astronautic. The program has taught a wide range of subjects about aerospace engineering based on 5 areas including Aircraft Structure, Aerodynamic, Aircraft Design, Propulsive System, and Aircraft Control.


The student in this program will participate in a four-year study by the specialists and join the innovative research laboratory. Not only the theory base study but the program also provided many activities which help students learn easily. E.g. Design-Built-Fly project which let students build own remote-control aircraft and compete the given mission or the field trip to the aircraft manufacturing site. Moreover, the program offers a number of laboratory facilities for practice in the specific subjects and conduct some novel research. Our outstanding facilities are Low Speed Wind Tunnel, Universal Test Machine, and Flight Simulator.


The program has exceptional industrial links across a variety of sectors which can offer many of internship and student exchange opportunities by our academic partners especially National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and industrial partners such as Thai Airways, JFox Aircraft and PTT group. This provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience by working with technical industry experts and through international placements.


Until now, the government of Thailand has recently implemented a new aviation development plan to further develop Thailand’s aerospace sector and strengthen its position as Southeast Asia’s next regional aviation and MRO hub. The plan establishes a framework that will support the growth of aircraft maintenance and spare parts production in Thailand. As the first and longest Aerospace program in Thailand, more than our 400 aerospace engineer alumni fulfill the position in aerospace and the related engineer both national and international with a high level of skill and knowledge.


Program Structure  

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Course Description      

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Future Career 

Recent graduates from the program have gone on to careers mainly in industry some related directly to aviation industries such as aircraft part manufacturing company, aircraft R&D sector, Airlines officer, MRO unit, and Satellite control organization. Others are work in the engineering industries where can apply the aerospace knowledge to their work especially automotive and marine industries.



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