Aerospace Engineering project

Academic Year : 2012

Project Title

Key words

The Conceptual Design of a Propeller Safety Guard for Identified Flying Object (IFO) : Aerodynamics

 UAV, ducted fan, IFO

The conceptual Study of A Propeller Safety Guard for Identify Flying Object YO712 (IFO) : Structure

 propeller cover, structure, impact, identify flying object

 The study of the highest height in safely dropping for IFO Y0712 (Identify Flying Object)

 VTOL-UAV, UAV, rescue, drop test

 Development of Accurate Altitude-Hold Control System Design and Implementation for Quad-Rotor Helicopter Using PID Controller

 quad-rotor helicopters, flight stability, altitude hold

 Design for Installation Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Vibration from Rotating Unbalance

 tuned mass damper, accelerometer, natural frequency, operating frequency

 Experimental Study Performance of Savonius-type Magnus Wind Turbine Blades

 Magnus wind turbine, Savonius-type blade

 Design of water spray nozzle flow test chamber for volume flow rate and system’s pressure loss analysis

 water spray nozzle flow test chamber, water spray nozzle system’s pressure loss in pipe, angle of water spray nozzle

 Measurements of the combustion chamber model’s temperature by using inverse method

 inverse method, combustion chamber model, combustion chamber model exit’s temperature

 Design of gripping head for tensile test to universal testing machine

 tensile testing, universal tester, gripping head

 Testing of Honeycomb Sandwich Structure in Flexure comparing to plywood for feasibility study in compensation of Skateboard Deck

honeycomb sandwich structure, skateboard deck, bending load
Theory and Experiment Analysis of Micro Air Vehicle’s (MAV) Stability

 stability control, Micro Air Vehicle’s (MAV), multi-mission

Development of Ventilation for Human Comfort in Condominium

air change per hour, natural ventilation, CFD

Theory and experiment analysis of Micro Air Vehicle's aerodynamic

micro air vehicle’s (MAV), aerodynamics test, multi-mission

 Study of the Effect of Wind Barrier Shape on Reducing Cross Wind Speed on Bridge  wind barrier, shape of wind barrier, protection factor
 Quadrotor Fuselage Design for High Protection and Floatability  quadrotor, floatability, protection
Design and Analysis of pierced wing tip for Micro Air Vehicle pierced wing tip, Computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing , MAV


Academic Year : 2014

Project Title Key words
Study the effects of bending in flapping wings Flapping Wings, Ornithopter, Bending Wings, Bird, Wind Tunnel
The study of suitable size of saw tooth in fan blades for decreasing noise in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propeller, Noise Reduction, Sawtooth, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Trailing edge

Design of an Experimental Equipment for the aerodynamic study of Jet flow from a rectangular Nozzle

Hot-wire-anemometer, Turbulent flow, Calibration, Rectangular cross-section nozzle, Power spectrum
Implementation of Safety Management Systems to Products Repair Process (A case study of Aviation Maintenance Industry) Safety Management Systems, Aircraft Maintenance, Root cause, Risk Management
Design the multi-hole pressure probe for 3 dimensional velocity measurements Five holes pressure probe, the device for measuring flow, wind tunnel testing
Aerodynamic testing for antenna CFD ; Wind loads ; Wind tunnel ; Radome
Aerodynamic coefficient estimation for Light Aircraft in conceptual design stage Lift Coefficient, Drag Coefficient, correction factor


Academic Year : 2015

Project Title Key words
Study the Effects of Wing Structures in Flapping Wings Flapping Wings, Ornithoper, Wing Structures, Wind Tunnel
Design and Development of the Position Hold and Collision Avoidance System for Multirotor in a Fixed Environment Using Image Processing Techniques position holding, collision avoidance, image processing, PID controller
Studying of the Bypass Transition Using CFD Commercial Code Turbulent Intensity Turbulent Length Scale CFD LES Transition Flow
Solar powered UAV Design and Optimization Solar cells, Conceptual design and Optimization
Design and Analysis Wing’s Structure for JFox Sport Thunder Aircraft Aircraft Wing Structure, Aircraft Design Theory, Finite Element Method



Academic Year : 2017

Project Title Key words


Aircraft Wing Structure Design, Wing Testing, Unmanned Airial Vehicle
Aerodynamic Shape Study and Analysis of Scimitar Spike Tip with CFD Winglets, Scimitar Spike Tip, CFD
Potential Wind Energy from Tree Swaying by Modeling and CFD Simulation Potential Wind Energy from Tree Swaying by Modeling and CFD Simulation
A Study of Non-Newtonian Blood Flow Using CFD Blood Flow, Non-Newtonian, CFD

Composite Rib Design and Optimization of High Altitude Platform (HAP) using Finite Element Analysis

 Design and Optimization, Composite Material, Finite Element Analysis
Design and Build Tail-Sitter Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft Tail-sitter, UAV, VTOL
Design of Propulsion System for Unmanned Fixed Wing Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft. Fixed Wing Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Motor Testing, Tilt Rotor
Calculating Performance of UAV for Pesticides Spraying UAV, Agriculture, Wind Tunnel
Conceptual Design of Deorbit Module Designed for Cubesat Space Debris, Deorbit Sail, Debris Mitigation
Indoor Localization System Design For UAV Indoor localization, system design
Study of Effect of Aerodynamics Drag from Rear Mirrors of Intercity Bus in Wind Tunnel Intercity Bus, Side mirror, Scale model, Wind tunnel, Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag

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