In 2021, Kasetsart University was honored to be the host for 2021 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge (AAVC2021). Unfortunately, the event needed to be postponed due to the incident of COVID-19 pandemic. It is projected that the situation is improving due to the international efforts on the vaccine development progress, which leads to the possibility that the AAVC event could be resume in the year 2022. By considering relevance factors including lead time, number of the “projected” participating teams, and the limitations of the host organization’s support infrastructure/event management capability, it is decided that in this upcoming event, The AVVC2021-2022, the “technical screening” process will be introduced an initial selection phase prior to the actual on-site aerial challenge. Each participating team will be expected to submit the report detailing the development (engineering design, construction and testing) of their aerial platform and systems to the AAVC committee in 2021 for evaluation. A number of selected participant teams will be announced for the on-site operational challenges in 2022.



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