Chinnapat THIPYOPAS (D.Ing.)

Assistant Professor

Aerodynamics, Applied Aerodynamics, Experimental Aerodynamics, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, VTOL & Unconventional UAS Design

02 797 0999 ext. 1702

  • D.Ing. (Fluid Mechanics), Institute Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace, Toulouse, France (2007)
  • D.E.A. (Aeronautics and Space Technology), Ecole Nationale Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace, Toulouse, France (2003)
  • Master of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering), Ecole Nationale Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace, Toulouse, France (2003)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering), Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (1998)
  • UAV Design / UAS
  • Experimental and Applied Aerodynamics
  • (1998-1999) Engineer, Sigma Power Consultant, Bangkok, Thailand
  • (1999-2000) Lecturer, Rajapark College, Bangkok, Thailand
  • (2007-2010) Researcher, ISAE, Toulouse, France
  • (2001, 2010-present) Lecturer, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Remote Pilot Visual Line of Sight Certificate (Multi-Rotor), Defence Technology Institute, 2021
  • UAV External Pilot Training for Executive, Defence Technology Institute, 2017
  • Low Speed Wind Tunnel Testing, AIAA, Orlando, Fl., USA, 2009
  • VKI Short Training Course, Belgium, 2003
  • CAD/CAM for Aerospace Engineering, ESTACA, Paris, France, 2001
  • Unmanned Air System
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Stability and Control
  • CAD/CAM for Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanics of Machinery



  • Best Design Awards and 4th place in Flight Competition, IMAV 2007, Toulouse, France
  • 1st place in Flight Competition, IMAV 2009, Florida, USA
  • 2nd Place in Flight Competition, Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition 2017, Taiwan
  • Outstanding Young Researcher and Academic Staff Award, Kasetsart University, 2017
  • 1st Place, METU VTOL Competition 2019, Turkey
  • 3rd Place, IMAV2022, Delft, The Netherlands



  • E. Sathitwattanasan and C.Thipyopas, Development of Deep Stall Landing System for Fixed-Wing Aircraft Using Image Processing, AeroTech VIII Conference 2022, Malaysia, 5-6 December 2022
  • A. Fickes and C. Thipyopas, Trajectory Generation System of UAVs for Concrete Wall Inspection Using Ultrasonic Sensors and Tracking Camera, The 6th Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 October 2022
  • E. Sathitwattanasan and C. Thipyopas, CFD Analysis of Wings at High Angles of Incidence for Deep Stall Landing and VTOL Applications, The 6th Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 October 2022
  • N. Chaisorn, C. Phoopat, and C. Thipyopas, Drag Reduction of eCar by Chilowsky’s Concept, The 6th Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 October 2022
  • S. Pattananchuachom, P.Niyomthong, and C.Thipyopas, Aerodynamic Analysis and Conceptual Design of Sail for Autonomous Sailboat, The 6th Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 October 2022
  • C. Thipyopas, N. Ongpalakon, and N.Sueyingkarn, Analysis and Priliminary Design of Tail-Sitter Vertical Takeoff and Landing UAV, The 6th Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 October 2022
  • V. Wongprasit, N.Thanomwong, and C.Thipyopas,2021,Design and Testing of Multiple Web Composite Wing Spar for Solar-Powered UAV, Pages 1-8. In International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation (ISSA2021). Bangkok. Thailand. 25-27 November 2021.
  • Rattapol Sakornsin, Chinnapat Thipyopas, and Siripong Atipan, “Experimental Investigation of Ground Effect of WIG Craft – NEW1 Model”, the 1st Innovation Aviation & Aerospace Industry – International Conference 2020, pp.1-6, 13–17 January 2020
  • P. Choochart and C. Thipyopas, 2020. Study of Passenger Evacuation from the Airbus A330-300 Aircraft. Pages 1-9. In The Innovation Aviation & Aerospace Industry-International Conference 2020 (IAAI 2020). Chumphon. Thailand. January 13–17, 2020.
  • R. Sakornsin, S. Atipan, and C. Thipyopas, “Aerodynamic Test of the Wing in Ground Effect Craft NEW1 Model”, The 31st Conference of Mechanical Engineering Network of Thailand, Nakorn Naiyok, Thailand, 4 – 7 July 2017
  • M. NG Rongfa, T. PANTUPHAG, S. Srigrarom, C. Thipyopas, “Analysis of Kinematics of Flapping Wing MAV using Optitrack Systems”, First International Symposium on Flutter and its Application, Tokyo, Japan, 15 – 17 May 2016.
  • N. Limsumalee, V. Sripawadkul, C. Thipyopas, “Design and Testing of Wing Assembly Function for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Aircraft”, The 7th TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Chiangmai, Thailand. 13 – 16 Dec 2016.
  • S. Catteeyothai, P. Ponprueksa, Y-H. Li, V. Sripawadkul, C. Thipyopas, “Experimental Study and Analysis of Wing Structures Effect in Flapping Wings”, The 7th TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Chiangmai, Thailand, 13 – 16 Dec 2016.
  • Aerodynamics of Southern Hawker Dragonfly: Aeshna Cyanea, 33rd AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Dallas, USA, 22 – 26 June 2015
  • Sawtooth Trailing Edge Propeller’s Noise Reduction for Multi-Rotor UAV Applications, International Micro Air Vehicles Conference and flight competition 2015, Aachen, Germany, 15 – 18 Sept 2015
  • Propulsive Analysis and design of Long Endurance Hex-Rotor UAV, The 5th TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Chiangmai, Thailand, 18 Dec 2014
  • Aerodynamic Investigation and Analysis of Wingtip Thickness’s Effect on Low Aspect Ratio Wing, International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition (IMAV2013), Toulouse, France, 17 – 20 Sept 2013
  • Aerodynamic Performance of Multi-Mission Morphing Wing MAV, International Micro Air Vehicle conference and flight competition, Braunschweig, Germany, 3 – 6 July 2012


Manned and Unmanned Vehicles Related

  • “TYTO”, Low Speed Fixed Wing MAV – ENSAE, France
  • “Mini VertiGo”, VTOL MAV – ISAE, France and U. of Arizona, USA
  • “MAVion”, Ground and Air VTOL MAV – ISAE, France
  • “Kreno-V”, Fixed Wing UAV – GISTDA
  • “BATT (VETAL)”, VTOL UAV – HG Robotics
  • “HUMMING” Metal Wall Inspection Multirotor Drone – PTTEP
  • “SWIFT”, Long Endurance UAV with Deept Stall Landing Capability, KU
  • “K-HELIOS”, Fixed Wing Solar UAV – KU Research and Development Institute
  • “ENDLESS”, Telecommunication Signal Inspection Multirotor Drone – ENDLESS
  • “MARCUS-B”, VTOL UAV – Royal Thai NAVY
  • “NONTRI”, VTOL UAV – Faculty of Engineering, KU
  • “BUMBLE Drone”, Dual Mode Flying Car Concept, KU
  • “InspDrone”, Crack Inspection Drone, KU

Wind Tunnel and Aerodynamic Testing

  • Airfoil Flutter Test, Transonic Wind Tunnel, NCKU (2540)
  • MAV Aerodynamic Design and Test, S6 Close Loop Low Speed Wind Tunnel 0.45mx0.45m Test Section, ENSAE SupAero, Toulouse, France (2546-2549)
  • Design of high precision Force balance for MAV Test
  • Wing-Propeller Interaction Test
  • Design Gust Generator System and Flexible Wing Test in S6 Wind Tunnel
  • Small UAV Testing, S4 Eifel Type Open Elliptic 2mx3m Jet Test Section Wind Tunnel, Toulouse, France, (2547-2551)
  • Aerodynamic Characteristics Test by 6-Component Balance
  • Smoke Visualization
  • Fixed Wing and Ducted Fan UAVs
  • Wing Tunnel Testing AIAA Course (2552)
  • Evaluated and Testing of Nano-Rotor by 5-Componenent Balance, ISAE (2552)
  • Design Team Member of Close Loop Wind Tunnel at ISAE, France (2552)
  • Teaching, 0.30×0.30m Open Loop Wind Tunnel, KU (2553-2561)
  • Aerodynamic Test Projects, 1.5mx2.0m Close Loop Wind Tunnel, RTAFA (2558-2560)
  • Testing in 1mx1m Close Loop Wind Tunnel, KU (2553-present)
  • Co-Axial Propeller Test
  • Several Wing and UAV Tests
  • Wing-Propeller Test
  • Foldable Wing in High Turbulent Flow Test
  • Wing In Ground Effect Test
  • Testing in 2mx2m Open Loop Wind Tunnel, KU (2558-2560)
  • Propeller Test at High AoA
  • Tail-Sitter VTOL UAV (Vertical Phase)
  • Flow Quality Control and Check of 0.6mx0.6m Open Loop Wind Tunnel, KU (2565)
  • (Current) Co-Advisor of an Intern student at Virginia Tech Wind Tunnel work on the boundary layer profile observation
  • (Current Project) Control Effective of Tail Sitter VTOL Wing in Vertical Phase (AFOSR Grant No. FA2386-21-1-4044)


  • EHIA for U-Tapao International Airport’s Runway 2, United Analyst and Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd
  • Airport Carbon Footprint Level 2-3 “Reduction-Optimisation” under Airport Carbon Accreditation Airports of Thailand (AOT)
  • Inspection Balloon for Explosive Area, PTTEP
  • วิทยากร “หลักสูตรประกาศนียบัตร การสร้างเครื่องบินขนาดเบาพิเศษ NAX-2” โครงการจัดอบรมด้านการบิน, มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์และกองทัพเรือ
  • Board Committee, Consortium of Aeronautics and Space Engineering (CASE), Thailand
  • Committee (Agriculture Drone), Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI), Thailand